An "Orthodontic Work-up" is done for all our patients at the beginning of treatment. Our patients have always found it to be interesting and fun.


Our "Orthodontic Work-up" is used to evaluate facial aesthetics, occlusion, tooth and bone structures, the growth pattern and muscle habits. It consists of facial and intra-oral photographs, study models, a radiological survey of the mouth with either a panaramic or full mouth series of X-rays, and a cephalometric X-ray. This information allows us to plan orthodontic treatment.


Photographs - We use intra-oral photographs to assess the appearance of our patient's teeth and "gums". The presence of any stains, chips and cracks on teeth as well as any swellings and lesions on "gums" are evaluated. Extra-oral photographs are used to judge facial aesthetics from both frontal and profile views. Attention is paid to muscle strain, abnormal muscle habits (lip, tongue, etc...), and to attaining a balanced, pleasant, relaxed appearance to the profile.

Study Models - We make study models from impressions of our patient's upper and lower teeth and a "wax-bite". They are used to evaluate the size and position of teeth and the way they meet when biting together. Study models enable us to view teeth from perspectives not otherwise possible and allow us to measure the amount of crowding and/or spacing and the room needed to align teeth.

Full Mouth Radiographs - We take either a panaramic radiograph or use a recent full-mouth series of X-rays to evaluate the status of our patient's teeth and surrounding bone. The size and presence of unerupted teeth as well as any abnormalities or pathology of bone and teeth are noted.

A Cephalometric Radiograph and Tracing - A cephalometric radiograph (an X-ray of the side of our patient's head taken at a calibrated distance) is taken and a tracing outlining the teeth and bones of the head and face is made. The various relationships of the bones to each other and to teeth are then measured and compared to "norms". From these measurements, we can evaluate our patient's growth pattern and predict any future growth.

At the visit after our "Orthodontontic Work-up", we will go over our findings, present our treatment plan and explain what we will be trying to accomplish.

Our Orthodontic "Work-Up"

Extra-Oral and Intra-Oral Photographs

Study Models

Panaramic Radiograph

Cephalometric Radiograph & Tracing