It is very important to keep teeth clean when wearing "braces". This will ensure that they don't develop stains and cavities and will help shorten treatment time. It's easy to keep them sparkling with a toothbrush (made with soft bristles) and toothpaste. The bristles of the toothbrush are placed where the "gums" and teeth meet. The long edge of the toothbrush is angled along the "gum" border with the bristles aimed toward the brackets and bands. The teeth are then brushed carefully, gently and thoroughly using a horizontal motion - making sure that all food and debris from between the "gums" and the "braces" is removed. These are the areas most likely to catch food. If these areas aren't kept clean - in addition to stains and cavities - the "gums" may become inflamed, red and swollen. This will slow down tooth movement and increase treatment time.

The other areas of the teeth should also be brushed: the remaining parts of the front surfaces, the chewing surfaces and the back surfaces. This should be followed by a thorough rinsing. When brushing is finished, every tooth and surface should be inspected to make sure that everything has been cleaned. The tongue should also be brushed and cleaned. It's important to brush after every meal. If the teeth can't be brushed right away, they should be rinsed thoroughly with water.

The "Danger Zone" - the space between the "braces" and "gums" should be concentrated on.

Brush...Rinse... Look...

Toothbrushing And Your "Braces"