The 'teen years are a good time to have "braces"; we can still take advantage of growth to aid in our treatment. In addition, teenagers are more responsible than children and because so many of their friends have "braces" - they will feel like "one of the crowd". We offer our "teen" patients a choice of traditional metal "braces", clear ceramic "braces" or "Invisalign" - depending on their initial malocclusion and finances. We also have fun with our "braces". We have elastic-ties and retainers in many different colors for holidays, school pride, to support a favorite team or just to be jazzy.


"Braces" generally take a few days to get used to and total orthodontic treatment generally lasts between two and three years. After "braces" are removed, retainers are usually worn for a period of time. This phase of treatment is very important for the stability of our result.

Orthodontic treatment in combination with orthognathic surgery can change a patient's entire facial structure and appearance. This is done for health as well as for cosmetic issues; a surgical phase is usually done after a patient has finished growing.

Most of our patients are teenagers. Your "teen" will probably meet many of their friends in our waiting room.

Orthodontics For Teenagers