Patient Participation And Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment is a partnership between our office, the patient and the patient's family. Our best results and most attractive smiles are always attained when we have everyone's wholehearted support and cooperation. Without everyone's efforts, successful treatment may be compromised and prolonged. We are dependent on everyone to see that the following responsibilities are carried out:

1. All teeth are kept clean throughout treatment

2. Elastics, retainers and other appliances are worn as directed

3. Foods are carefully chosen so as not to damage appliances

4. All orthodontic appointments are kept

5. Regular dental check-ups at the family dentist are scheduled and kept

6. We are notified promptly when loose or damaged "braces" and wires are found

Treatment times vary. This variation is due to cooperation, growth, bone response, health, mouth habits and the initial malocclusion. We will make every effort to attain an excellent result that is aesthetic, functional, and stable - within as short a treatment time as possible.