Interceptive orthodontics - Children as young as seven years of age should be seen by us, if it is believed there may be a problem. By guiding jaw development while a child is growing, room may be made for permanent teeth. We can correct over-bites, under-bites, skeletal problems and cross-bites. In addition to reducing the chance of "gum" disease, interceptive orthodontics may help avoid the need for tooth extractions or surgical corrections in the future.

Children - Interceptive Orthodontics

Many orthodontic problems are actually preventable, if they are caught early enough. That's why our interceptve program is so important to a child's health.

Interceptive treatment may employ "palatal expanders", "headgear", "habit appliances", "functional appliances", "space maintainers", "fixed braces" on teeth for a period of time and/or the "serial extraction of teeth".