Treatment is done for cosmetic as well as for health issues.

Cosmetic reasons - We can correct crowded teeth, spaced teeth, "buck teeth", abnormally positioned teeth, a "bad bite" and change a patient's facial and lip profiles.

Health reasons - We can help stop abnormal wear of the dentition and/or bone loss, make it easier to keep teeth clean (and thus help prevent tooth decay, "gum" problems and the loss of teeth), alleviate tooth "grinding" and possibly help "Temporal Mandibular Joint" (TMJ) problems by correcting tooth positions.

Orthodontic treatment in combination with orthognathic surgery can change a patient's entire facial structure and appearance - this is done for health as well as for cosmetic issues.

Adult Treatment

Adults can have their teeth straightened quite readily with "braces". We offer clear ceramic "braces", traditional metal "braces" and "Invisalign".