"Invisalign" - "Straightening"

"Invisalign" moves teeth without the use of "braces". Teeth are moved via a series of removable, transparent aligners that are changed every two weeks. Teeth are gradually moved into their desired positions with each successive aligner. Aligners are removed when eating, cleaning and doing activities that might dislodge them. In general, aligners are very comfortable, have few problems and are undetectable.

Treatment starts off with a consultation to see if the malocclusion in question lends itself to "Invisalign" treatment. If it does, the proposed "Invisalign" treatment will then be described.

A custom detailed treatment plan for "Invisalign" will then be made from impressions of the patient's teeth, radiographs and photographs. A 3-dimensional computerized representation of the patient's teeth will then be used to formulate the definitive treatment plan and to fabricate the aligners.

When treatment is completed, retainers will be made to maintain the final tooth positions.

Teeth Without "Braces"